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For a few years now, ORCA GROUPE has been sponsoring talented youth and others in the fields of sport (CSO), artificial intelligence (robotics), automotive (rallies / circuits), in fast developing countries, in a context international and often humanitarian.

Riding jumping competition 120/125 for the young French Adrien 18 years old

ORCA GROUPE sponsors Adrien and his leading horse TANGO DU BOIS, throughout the year for national competitions in Morocco where he regularly ranks among the top 5.
ORCA GROUPE has also sponsored Adrien for his participation in the international competition of the Morroco Royal Tour (MRT) which takes place every year on 3 stages: Tetouan, Rabat, horse fair El Jadida.
ADRIEN was able to rub shoulders with the greatest riders around the world such as Jérôme GUERY (Switzerland), Virginie THONON (Belgium) and Abdelkebir OUADDAR, Moroccan representative of the Rio J.O!
Adrien had a very honorable result for his first participation by ranking 17th out of about 40 starters from all countries on the first event.

11th Arab Robotics Championship for young Marocco / Tunisian, Mohamed, 14 years old

ORCA GROUPE sponsors Mohamed and his team (MHM Robotics) after their unequaled victory in the national robotics ranking of RABAT's First Lego League in MOROCCO. Qualified for the 11th Arab Robotics Championship, the Team MHM Robotics will meet again very soon in Sharm-el-Sheikh in EGYPT for the championship. ORCA GROUPE is particularly keen on sponsoring this team and in particular young Mohamed, who has developed a scientific robotic project with humanitarian value. The latter consists in helping villages that do not have access to mineral water, by offering them a mineralization system on which the team has been working for several months. In parallel with this 11th championship, the young Mohamed prepares the World Robot Olympiad (WRO) that will take place in 2018.

Santana trophy 2018 to sponsor the French team Jean François Bour (Renault Bordeaux), 45 years old

ORCA GROUPE participates in the sponsorship of the legendary Santana Trophy, a tribute to the past of these good old Land Rovers and the fabulous descent into the desert. A real raid, as we like, made legends that still persist today! Seven stages aboard these legendary Land, 2,000 kilometers on the fabulous roads of Morocco, with a departure from LINARES in Spain and a smashing arrival to MARRAKECH.