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Piloting and reporting your deployments


ORCA GROUP has developed and deployed numerous workflows for clients of all sizes. For all these Workflows, decision makers have real-time reporting.

These are workflows for specific deployments in distribution networks (for example, new showrooms, implementation of tools and hardware, ADSL, fiber ...).

They are also internal workflows for digitized back office tasks such as the annual renewal of contracts with distributors with electronic signature and digitization of contracts or the whole chain of purchasing processes. These are particularly sensitive topics that are piloted in real time.

ORCA WORKFLOW, allows you to:

  • Assign the different actors the tasks to be performed according to the rules and standards of your company or your specific deployment and be able to attach notes, documents, deployment procedure ...
  • Monitor and manage in real time the progress of your deployment at the desired geographical level (international, national, regional, local).
  • Implement corrective actions if necessary

Specific deployment information

30% of your network is with eyes closed, 40% waiting to see and go. The remaining 30% must be worked

Flexible setting

Integrable into your business software.
Customizable according to your standards.

Innovative features

Electronic signatures.
Automatic sending of emails.
Intuitive task dashboard.