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Animation and distance learning of your commercial network


To launch a new product or relaunch sales on certain parts of your offer, ORCA LMS allows you to mobilize, support and train your sales representatives in real time, at any time and wherever they are.

From your sales goals, customer targets, technical features of your products, application video, to sales pitches; your content will be on the ground, accessible on PCs, smartphones and tablets.

Your content can also be integrated into a continuous training logic for new recruits, for example in the form of integration courses open differently depending on the access rights.

All of your network and content data is fully secure.

Choose Orca LMS, it is power:

  • Customize your platform according to your standards, your image and your visual identity.
  • Easily integrate the evolutions of your commercial presentations.
  • Use our maintenance, hosting and customer support (hotline) services for all users
  • Create and manage your interactive content independently after our support for the creation of your FIRST module.
  • You will be accompanied, if desired, for the design of the further modules.

ORCA LMS is at

Cetelem, BNP, Franfinance, Societe Generale, GE Money Bank, ...

ORCA LMS is in smart version

See our creation "R Campus" Renault during a meeting

Target your investments

Switch from heavy and expensive logistics to information that is distant from the network, homogeneous, efficient and at a lower cost.