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Dematerialized and Archived Management of your Documents

GEAD makes it possible to automate and optimize the exchange of paper documents by transforming them into digital files. They become more accessible and easily searchable, while securing access to them.

At Orca Group, we integrate it into our clients' business processes, such as the Efficom solution (all rights reserved) developed for the Renault group, which digitally tracks all customer procedures from order to billing. (up to 54 documents can be passed from hand to hand for some procedures). ORCA GEAD brings significant benefits in terms of efficiency, safety, quality and time.

Your documents can be scanned from a smartphone based on your network computing equipment

Zero paper

Reduced management costs for printing equipment, paper, ink ... for very short-term profitability.

Zero delays

Every scanned document is available in real time and instantly accessible without any confusion.

Zero risk

The files are protected against loss, falsification, malicious acts with a secure and fast access for authorized persons only.


Depending on your needs and your computer equipment, the Orca GEAD works on PC, iOS phone, Android and tablet type iPad.