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Shared & dematerialized client file

ORCA DCP, Shared & Dematerialized Client File, optimizes commercial efficiency:

  • Sales order management up to invoicing.
  • Sales management (landing margins, commissions, products, services ..).
  • The dematerialization of shareable customer files between the different actors of the network.

With ORCA DCP, the business processes are shared by all, well defined in time and space AND repetitive tasks are automated to avoid malfunctions in the commercial process: errors of order, calculations, delays in delivery or non -conformity,...

Initially conceived for the Renault Group, under the name "EFFICOM" (Renault France, Renault Morocco and Renault Credit International), ORCA DCP allows the Sales Departments head offices or countries to:

  • Dematerialize the management of integrated documents in the sales process.
  • Manage tasks and track the progress of sales records by order and by ordering step.
  • Monitor sales activity with real-time reporting and export analysis reports.
  • Interfacing with the various tools and business software of their company to have real-time visibility of advancements.
  • Access the application from different terminals (computers, tablets, mobile phones).

Driving Sales

Tracking orders and delivery, calculating commissions, margins and discounts.

Vendors animation

Analysis of the performance over a chosen period. Sales Compensation Follow-up.

Customer records

Shared, dematerialized and archived client folder.
All customer and internal dematerialized parts.
Synchronization of data in real time.


General and detailed reporting of commercial activity. Portfolio analysis for the end of month landing.