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ORCA Cerise 3.8

Funding Pricing Tool

ORCA Cerise 3.8

For years, ORCA GROUPE has been developing financing pricing tools for lending organizations on equipment goods (cars, motorcycles, yachts, etc.). Cerise 3.8 is the latest version of our solution, now available on all digital media (web , iOsAndroid, tablet).

Cerise 3.8 is involved in all stages of business processes of networked financial institutions. It automates the simulation of credits (with their own Back Office of scales), the management of the customer relationship, the publication of financing offers and contracts until the archiving of files.

Cherry 3.8 is an easily configurable and interfaceable solution with your sales positions and other Information Systems.


  • Adaptable to all types of terminals (PC, Smartphone, Tablets).
  • Is accessible and usable in online or offline mode.
  • Allows automatic storage and update of customer data and financing
  • Allows the dematerialization of the financing files.


To your distributors of capital goods an easy-to-use pricing tool, adapted to the specific access rights of certain distributors for special scales


The application is yours and places you among the first innovative and efficient lenders for distribution networks


Your customers, follow their financing records and manage your business relationships more effectively.