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Design and implementation of your data warehouse for your kpi


ORCA GROUPE has among its clients very large multinational companies with hundreds of information systems containing thousands of internal and external data, generally heterogeneous both technically and semantically

The will of our customers is to have a single data center to distribute the right needed for each key user based on the KPIs he needs.

Our function is to detect, select, extract and filter raw data based on our ETL tools. We also perform a recoding role so that your data is represented, not in a different way from one source to another, but in a unique way.

We integrate the collected data by concentrating it into a data warehouse, your DATA WAREHOUSE, having first cleaned up the data to keep the repository consistent with the other data and retrieving data that is not same value date, can also be integrated.

There is no direct access to the data warehouse for users, but a distribution of KPIs just needed according to the specific needs of decision-makers, analysts ...

Lastly, ORCA GROUPE, with its knowledge of the commercial network business, will help you to design the presentation and the reporting chain.

See project V6, DT + Renault and G9. See Efficom Renault France project

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Contact: Ask our BI Expert, Yacine Laddidi, PhD in BI for more information